Third Session-Third Carp

third carp

On the third session at my new society water I feel like I’ve cracked the code, or have I…In the past I’ve never much liked Summertime fishing, why? The pressures are normally high, lakes see a lot more angling pressure and the Carp unlike in the winter seem to be all over the place, making locating catchable feeding fish very difficult.

But this has taught me that getting the location right ‘locating feeding carp’ is just as important in the summer as it is in the winter maybe a little more so…defiantly when you know that any successful fishing trip is simply down to locating feeding fish…a rule I didn’t follow at the beginning of this my third session on a water that’s considered or at least named by many as ‘Rock Hard’ so in turn cost me 48 hours of a 72 hour session.

With only 24 hours left I decided reel in and take the time to walk around the lake. An hour should do…I thought, 3 hours later after doing several laps and talking too fellow anglers spread around the lake…I had located 4 large carp feeding and rolling around one corner of the first island easily accessible from one of the more popular swims.

One of my fishing strengths is my ability to move quickly this is solely down to keeping my gear to a minimum by simply taking exactly what I need nothing more nothing less…all this is very good but I had just spent 3 hours walking the lake and with the daylight fading I needed to move more quickly than usual as I was going to a swim I had never fished…knowing I would need to be fishing right up against the island.

On arrival to the new swim the first port of call was to get the rods out to where I had seen the carp rolling.

My rig of choice my favourite hinged stiff-rig with the light fading I wanted a rig that would have the least amount of chance of tangling and would present the hook bait a single KARPER Dispersion Chocmint popup one of the flavours that had rewarded me my largest Carp from the lake so far…only week prior.

After a couple of recasts to get as close to the island as I thought possible I set about setting up camp…perched myself on the edge of my bed chair, watching Carp still rolling over what had now become my spots I decided to get some sleep.

5:20am’ish 3 peeps sounded from one alarm I opened my eyes to see the bite indicator pulled up against the blank of the right hand rod, scrambling out of my sleeping bag I struck into the third Carp of only three sessions…even though I felt I’d worked for it, I was over joyed…thinking to myself the KARPER Dispersion Chocmint pop-ups had done it again. 24lb 12oz Common Carp.

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