Things to come, Double Row Lin

The last couple of weeks…rain and slightly cold temperatures have been a little reminder of what’s to come with the start of winter only a month and half away. The fishing has been good but if you learn to adapt to the changing weather conditions quickly the rewards can be great.

On arriving at my syndicate water I was eager to carry on my Carp Fishing campaign on the back lake, my syndicate is made up of three lakes ‘The Donut’ ‘Middle Lake’ and ‘The Back Lake’ after being a member of the syndicate for almost 3 months now I have built up a picture of where the chances of catching a Carp will be in my favour plus I’ve learnt the Carp’s main routes and places they like to hang out but being as I started my campaign in the early summer, the weather conditions during this session caught me out a little as it felt more like Autumn!

I walked the lake 3 times in search of any signs of Carp, but with no signs I settled for a swim one down from a swim that I’d caught a couple of Carp from recently…this swim would give me a clear casting angle at the main island in the lake…reducing the casting distance from 15 raps down to only 12.2 raps with 3 or 4 attempts to hit the spots perfectly the rods where in position.

The following day it rained and rained, learning from a fellow angler it wasn’t going to stop until 10pm…I reluctantly braved the rain to check the sharpness of my hooks and refresh my rigs with a fresh KARPER Ultra-Fluro Chocmint popup on one and a KARPER Ultra-Fluro Coconut popup on the other resulted in two perfect first time cast to the spots…one of which landed as if I was aiming at a 50 pence peace.

Evening arrived with the first signs of Carp showing along the island where my rigs laid, I felt confident…10pm and the rain finally stopped and as the clouds cleared the moon illuminated the lake so I took this chance to tidy up my swim. Managing to get my head down by midnight.

5:20am’ish beep, beep,beep, beeeeep I was into a powerful Carp on the rod that landed as if I was aiming at a 50 pence peace. Powering from the island spot to the left-hand margin where I knew there was a snag that most of the Carp in the lake seem to know about, I angled the rod so that I was applying side pressure trying to turn the Carp to no avail the Carp plodded along the margin allowing me to gain line.

I slipped the net under a very large looking Carp…The KARPER Ultra-Fluro Chocmint popups had won me another monster Carp, weighing in at 25lb 02oz…I learnt later in the day after posting photos to social media this beautiful looking Carp was another named fish, understandably named ‘Double Row Lin’ due to the scale pattern along both sides of it body. Making this Carp my second named fish in just under 4 weeks…awesome.