Shane Beard

Age 31 

Region Gloucestershire

Personal bests, Uk mirror 39.14 Uk

common 39.12

Foreign mirror N/A

Foreign common N/A

About Shane Beard

I’m very passionate about my carp angling, I started my angling days as a young child and I’ve been hooked ever since. My carp angling adventure started on small ponds close to home, my love grew for the sport which resulted in me travelling further afield to some great waters, I have also made some great friends along the way.

After around ten years of my fishing, I started to fish during the night, it was an amazing feeling coming home and then going to bed as the world moved forward.

As I progressed, I travelled further and started to fish bigger venues , I spent a lot of my time on the Linear Complex in Oxford constantly learning and developing in all areas of my fishing.

I produced some serious catch reports which started to make peoples eyes twitch and look at me! I have fished with many of the ‘big names’ that you will see and hear from on a daily basis on social media today. This then lead to me joining and promoting various Tackle and Bait Companies.

I would alternate my carp fishing with match fishing, as I adapted many of the match tactics into my carp tactics dependant on the venue I was fishing. I soon became an expert at Zig fishing and solid bag fishing, which are still two of my favourite tactics today.

An opportunity arose in 2018 and I joined KARPER as a Team Promo Member, working my way up the ranks within the team, I was appointed consultant at the beginning of 2019. My role within KARPER at the minute includes running the promo team and I’m also helping develop a Match range of baits that will be released in 2020/21.

My favourite capture of all time has to be the small peck common at 39lb 12oz, from my local syndicate water. I managed to achieve my target fish within the first year of joining and at the time, fishing was very slow without many fish hitting the bank. A day I will never forget!!!