So it’s true what they say….. “the early bird catches the worm” as with most of my sessions it was an early start 3:30am off to my mums to collect my gear before heading down to my new private syndicate water. 

I arrived about 4:30am just in time for first light on a Tuesday morning, first things first a quick walk around the venue to try and find some fish. After a while I spotted some signs of showing fish just off the reed line and also a good amount of fizzing about sixty yards out!  With eagerness, I quickly made my way back to the car to grab my gear and bait.

Getting back into the swim with fish still fizzing I wanted to make as little disturbance as possible, so I flicked out a two ounce lead just past where the fish were showing. The rod immediately locked up in weed, then pulled free onto a silty area. A few more pulls and the rod tapped with the tell tale sign of gravel. I pulled back further and was back into silt again, where I was sure the fish were feeding. I clipped up at just over thirteen wraps and had a quick cast just to make sure it landed perfectly where the fish were feeding. I tied a small solid bag up which would create minimal disturbance when casting onto the spot as I didn’t want to spook the already feeding fish.

I decided on a combination of KARPER Ultra-Fluro Shrimp & Garlic 12mm pink pop-ups combined with KARPER Micro Pandemonium Streamerz for my solid bags.

Bags tied up, rods clipped and cast out the rods were now on the spot’s fishing. Whilst the rods were out I thought I’d have a bit of a sort out of my tackle. The rods had only been on the spots twenty minutes when the right hand rod screamed off, after a short battle a lovely little Common was welcomed into my net! Quickly putting the rod back onto the same spot and within twenty minutes I was into a double take resulting in a 26lb 6oz Mirror and another Common!!!

With three fish on the bank and the rods had only been out for forty minutes I was in a state of shock. My syndicate is not a run’s water and the lake had only done  twelve bites in the past three months. Once the pictures had been taken, there was a sudden realisation of how significant those fish were, when suddenly my left hand rod gave a few little beeps and slowly the bobbin pulled up. I was instantly into another fish with my adrenalin I was eager to land it and after battle a gleaming bar of gold slipped into my net….. Wow it was a big Common. After getting the fish into the net I wasn’t totally sure of my prize, then I realised I had landed one of the named fish in the lake, Baby Peck and at its biggest weight of 38lb 12oz the fish was just solid muscle.

With a smile from ear to ear and the fish resting in the retainer, I put the rods back out and had a further three fish making a total of seven fish in my three and a half hours of fishing. After that crazy morning spell the day was really quiet with the fish just swimming and sun bathing. I didn’t want to put  too much bait over my spots as I thought I could spook them off  if they were still in the area. I was hoping that when nightfall came they would come back to feed on my spots.

Just after dark the right hand rod absolutely screamed off, resulting in one of the best takes I’ve ever had, after a good battle a 29lb 2oz Common graced the bottom of my net. I tried getting my head down for the night but it was really hard as my mind was filled with thoughts of what had happened so far, in what I can only describe as a “Red Letter Session”.

Then at around one thirty in the morning my left- hand rod ripped off resulting in a 26lb 6oz Mirror, Unbelievable…. what a session I was having.

 The rest of the night was quiet and then came first light and the fish were back over my spots crashing and fizzing, it looked just right for a bite and a bite is what I got, unfortunately from a Tench. I then had another Tench in quick succession which led me to think the carp had moved on, but I was wrong the carp turned up again shortly after.

 I landed a further five fish that morning, which took my total to fourteen Carp, two Tench and two missed takes and all in just twenty four  hours. This is definitely one session that I will never forget. 

All fish were caught on the KARPER Shrimp and Garlic Ultra-Fluro 12mm pink pop-ups, which were trimmed down and mounted on size 8 Fox Arma Point hooks. This was fished in conjunction with 20lb Korda N-Trap semi stiff hook link which was stripped back and fished Ronnie rig syle. The whole rig was placed in a small Korda solid bag containing a small amount of KARPER Micro Pandemonium Streamerz pellets.