L’angottiere Carp Fishery France August 2017

L’angottiere Carp fishery in Normandy was the venue for this year’s summer adventure with James Junior and Darryll Slater for another instalment of Bushnell carp diaries.

A beautiful 3.5 acre lake awaits you upon arrival looking more like an old English estate lake than your typical French lake. Loads of features to fish and interesting areas to fish to on the lake bed.

When we arrived I decided to take things steady its was red hot 30 degrees and climbing and didn’t think the fish would be too bothered about feeding so with this in mind and checking the weather report I decided I would start fishing on Tuesday as the weather was set to change mid-week and surely this would turn the fish on.

Unbelievably Darryll and James Junior got off to great start’s respectively banking mid 20lb fish in the warmest part of the day which was just crazy maybe my plan wasn’t the one.

Anyway Tuesday arrived weather was dropping temperature wise and fish were now showing in my area the Shell Swim called Shell as a WW2 shell had been found in front of the peg when Graham drained the lake.

With the water being so coloured I was really worried that the fish wouldn’t see a normal conventional bottom bait rig so opted to use the Slip D rig next problem was getting a wafter with hi visual qualities, I decided I needed to get crafty so got the 16mm KARPER Ultra-Fluro Coconut pop-ups and drilled out a small section and inside the hole put some Nash putty to critically balance the pop up so it sat perfectly it took a few attempts until I was entirely happy with the way it sat but now it was just a case of being patient and waiting for a show my plan was to cast the hi visual KARPER Ultra-Fluro Coconut pop-up at showing fish and not put any bait out at all basically try nick a quick bite.

BOSH a nice looking mirror jumped out in the cut through that leads into the Hole Swim where James Junior was fishing and doing well I might add!

The rod was primed and ready to go foam nuggets on ready to slow its decent so I knew it would be sat perfectly the rings of the show hadn’t even dissipated when my lead landed smack on the money first cast, just at this point the Lake Owner Graham Trudgill had arrived with my breakfast baguette we sat and talked about how the other guys were doing and what my plan of attack was when all of a sudden I watched my bobbin slowly lift and the alarm let out a bleep I was away! fishing only one rod to showing fish that rod had been out no more than 20 minutes the reward was a 29.14 lb mirror one of the biggest of the trip I love it when a plan comes together.