Karl Butler
Web Developer

Age: 20 

Region: Surrey, South East England

UK Mirror: 33lb 8oz

UK Common: 27lb 8oz

Foreign Mirror: 49lb 14oz

Foreign Common: 44lb 4oz

About Karl Butler

It wasn’t long after I started carp fishing, that I purchased my first pot of Dispersion Popups. This was when the popups were first released around 5 years ago, and since trying these for the first time I was instantly hooked. Since this moment, I’ve been using the range of the KARPER baits and joined as a Consultant in 2018. Throughout my fishing so far, I haven’t felt the need to look to other baits as I’ve got the utmost confidence in the bait I was already using, If it’s not broken then don’t fix it and all that ! 

Since I starting carp fishing, I’ve fished a range of venues from pressurised day ticket or club venues ranging from low stocked gravel pits to heavily stocked venues all in the Surrey area. I’ve caught numerous 30’s from these different lakes in the UK on a range of tactics, and am looking forward to the fishing opportunities I’ve got planned in the near future.

Due to my current commitments outside fishing with work and university, my fishing time is limited, so my sessions mainly consist of short sessions normally overnighters or day sessions. This is where I find the KARPER baits come into their own and have on countless occasions giving me the extra pulling power I’ve needed to put fish onto the bank. As many, I enjoy the relaxing side of fishing as well as the social aspect and I’m always willing to give any advice or tips to others to help others maximise their catch rates.