How it all started for me at KARPER

One Saturday my good friend Tony Smeets and I were having a chat over a pint or two when the subject of my fishing came into the conversation, or lack of it.

At the time of the conversation I was field testing for another bait company and it wasn’t exactly going well. Tony saw that I was very frustrated with my results and knew that I was well capable of catching Carp, as I have done in the past. I had lost confidence in the bait I was using and as a result of the long conversation with Tony he suggested I give his old mate Ken Dack a call. I explained to Ken my situation and enquired if KARPER would be interested in taking me on as a consultant.

I arranged to meet Ken at The Big One show and I soon found out how passionate he was about bait and pop-ups. When Ken informed me that he had already spoken to Ben and he confirmed they were happy to take me on as a consultant, I immediately jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back since.

I simply can’t believe how my catch rate has gone through the roof, with some epic results already at my syndicate.  My syndicate is a place steeped in history with some old and wise Carp to try and trip up and catch.  My journey started in style the first week in April with a fish called spike at 36 lb 6 oz.

Caught on a RS Barrel Wafter match the hatch over a bed of RS boilies.

On my second trip I had 4 fish with 2 x 20s the other two were even better, a Linear which was a mid to upper 20 and a 33lb Mirror to top it off.

I thought this is simply not happening, how can bait work so quickly?

On my second trip I had switched to using pop-ups and had asked Chris to roll me some washed-out ones (available soon) due to the older and wiser Carp getting wary over the bright baits.

On trip 3 I had two Commons to 26lb.

Trip 4 was a quick overnighter with a mid 20 Scaly stunner slipped in the net. I was over the moon.

The best trip, the second week in May started with a fish called the “Pad Lake Mirror ” at 36lb 6oz.

Then another very old Common from the original stock, a very long fish at 31lb.

I was over the moon and when the rod tore off again with a 24 lb scaly Mirror, I was simply blown away.

Then on the last morning of my session my right hand rod sprung into life with a mint looking 32lb Common. I just stood there and could not believe what a session I had just had.

So as you can see from my results over the past six or so weeks how well the bait has performed, especially considering the lake has never seen this bait before.

Get on the KARPER RS it has changed my fishing as well as the ultra buoyant pop-ups, which I have so much confidence in.

I would like to thank the lads at KARPER and also everyone who has taken the time to like my posts and write comments of congratulations on Facebook. This means a lot to me and keeps all the other consultants at KARPER going.

I would like to close with a massive thank you to Tony Smeets, as I can’t put it into words how much I respect him, not just as an angler, but as a close friend……Thanks Smeetsy.