Dario D'Angella

Age: 46

Region: Caselle Torinese (from Turin – ITALY)

Mirror: 64 lb

Common: 70 lb

About Dario D’Angella,

I am 46 years old, I live in Caselle Torinese (from Turin – ITALY).

I will briefly tell you about my passion for carp and carp fishing.

The love for carpfishing was born at the age of 20, I was fascinated by carp, but the adrenaline that causes the horn that rings continuously at every bite is even more exciting.

My life is divided between work, family, carp fishing and sports activities
I dedicate most of my weekends to carp fishing, because it gives me a great sense of freedom.
The first time I slept on the banks of one of the lakes that I attended as a boy I immediately understood that from that moment on I would become a passionate carp angler.

I caught my first carp in a private quarry in the Piedmont region in which I live, 26 years later I am still obsessed with catching Big Carp

I fish especially in private quarries and natural lakes in Northern Italy. I have fished several times in Saint Cassien, Lac Du Madine and participated in the WCC in 2008.

I joined KARPER because I see in them the same passion that I have for Carp fishing. It is a close-knit team, always in search of the perfect bait, made with high quality ingredients, exactly what I am looking for in a bait, and that’s why I decided to join the KARPER LTD Team,

My PB’s are:

Mirror: 64 lb

Common: 70 lb

My current PB’s have been caught on the KARPER Dispersion popups combined baiting with Streamerz Pandemonium pellets.