Canal Short Session

Saturday morning my friend Chris calls and asked if I would like to go fishing on the canal…I haven’t fished the canal since the 16th June so I jumped at the opportunity.

My local canal is somewhere I first dabbled in fishing when I was a child as it was only around 900 yards away from my home, catching roach, Dace, Perch and Pike. When I was a kid I never knew or even dreamed there where carp to be found living there. Until a friend told me 4 years ago he had seen some, and had even heard stories of some real monster carp up to 36lb. This same friend who had to this point done 12 unsuccessful sessions in pursuit of these…what seemed to be secret carp, invited me to have a go. On arriving at the spot where my old friend had seen lots of carp, the first thing I noticed was the weed covering 95% of the stretch he’d been fishing. After about 12 minutes of watching carp swimming above the thick weed growth…thinking how the hell would I present a rig to them, Naked Chod Rig popped into my head…the carp are swimming above the weed, the canal is around 2 to 3 feet deep on the near and far marginal shelfs. A Naked Chod Rig correctly set up to suit this situation was bound to do the trick. 4 hours later I was photographing my second ever canal carp. The friend that re-introduced me to the canal 4 years ago…

5 o’clock Saturday evening arrived and I was 20 minutes late after stopping to pick up a take-a-way. Chris was patiently waiting in the car park, I was eager to try out some new Chocmint Ultra-Fluro dumbbell popups KARPER had sent me. Finding two Carpy looking areas we set about chopping a small section of greenery away to place our rods and two areas to place the bivvies.

I opted for my now standard Canal rig the old faithful Naked Chod that has caught me countless amounts of carp over the last 4 years…topped off with one of the new KARPER Chocmint Ultra-Fluro PopUps.

The night was quiet with no signs of the secretive canal carp anywhere to be seen. 6am’ish the following morning and I was holding up a low-double Common in perfect condition…nice to see considering the environment these carp live in. During the day, we spotted a carp swimming around in a bay the other side of a bridge from where we were fishing. Unfortunately, this area was closed to fishing due to its use as a canoe training area.

7:20pm that day and I was super pleased to be holding another carp up for the camera. Another low double. Mirror this time. A real canal warrior covered in battle scars most likely due to boat traffic.

The evening was again quiet so I decided to get an early night as I had work to get to in the morning. Re-baiting the swim with the remainder of my free offering’s, I retired to bed at 11:30pm

1:45am’ish I had the third take, a real screaming run. I scrambled to the rod remembering such a take back on the 16th June the last time I had fished the canal, ending up with me having to fish my rod out of the canal only to find the carp I had then still on the hook. This time though I managed to get to the rods before anything like this happened again…soon finding myself holding up a mid-double canal Mirror Carp for the camera. Another successful canal session with the new KARPER dumbbell Chocmint Ultra-Fluro PopUps passing my test.