Remember … look after your bait and your bait will look after you

KARPER take great care in producing high quality baits for your use and the sentence above perfectly describes the simple ethos which will allow your baits to stay in tip top condition.

Many anglers neglect some very simple steps when it comes to bait care. Here at KARPER we want you to catch as many fish on our products as possible and have listed below a few simple steps to get the best out of your baits.

So what can you do to keep your baits in tip top condition?

Moisture is a baits biggest enemy…..This is a very important point to remember as this is normally the main contributory factor to bait spoilage.

So with this in mind it is important to know that the Dispersion / Ultra Fluro Popups, Streamerz and Floaterz areĀ  hydroscopic, which means they will absorb moisture if left exposed to the atmosphere for any length of time.

All our baits are packaged specifically with this in mind and so provide a protective barrier against moisture ingress.

Bait care Tips

  1. Reseal all packaging and replace lids after each use.
  2. Never leave baits in direct sunlight.
  3. Never leave baits in rucksacks, bags etc in direct sunlight or in hot conditions.
  4. If your baits are left in direct sunlight and start to sweat open the lid or packaging and allow the moisture to evaporate, then reseal immediately.
  5. Never allow water or any liquids to come in contact with your KARPER products whilst in the packaging….. (be careful of the dreaded winter dripping nose)
  6. When using Energiser Syrup never allow other products to cross contaminate the syrup. The best way to prevent this is to pour the syrup rather than dip baits into it.
  7. If you want to dip or soak baits into Energiser, then decant some Energiser syrup into a clean container to prevent contaminating the whole bottle.
  8. Wash hands before handling different bait colours and flavours to prevent cross contamination.

Simple tips but important

Remember … look after your bait and your bait will look after you