Andy Beach
Occupation Operations Director

Region East Yorkshire

Personal bests,

Uk mirror 53lb 3oz (Big Paul’s) Old Mill Lakes
Uk common 37lb 15oz (The Big Common) Old Mill Lakes

Foreign mirror 63lb 10oz Teillatts
Foreign common 82lb 8oz  Teillatts (The Long Common)

About Andy Beach

Love of carp fishing dates back to my teens, as most lads do, I fished for course fish with my Dad and loved my fishing

After a while we started fishing a few of lakes in East Yorkshire that had carp anglers fishing on them, Selby 3 lakes/Woodhall/ New Hay and Bakers Pond, I was blown away by the bivvy’s and tackle used on the banks and will never forget the sound of an optonic alarm screaming off and seeing a mid double carp on the bank from a carp angler called Karl Symonds (still remember his name, I was that impressed) on Bakers Pond. and from that moment I was going to be a dedicated Carp Angler

I nagged my dad to buy me a carp rod, reel, monkey climber and landing net from David Laws, The Fishing Shop in Hull

Caught my first carp from lake minster in Beverley and never looked back, 28 years later I’m still obsessed

I’ve grown bigger, so has my tackle collection and more importantly so have the carp

Still really only fish in my home county and spend my sessions on South Ings Embryo, Eric’s Willows, Oldmill lakes and PB Lakes and get abroad as much as I can

I joined Karper as that passion you get from a closely knit team on a syndicate is the same passion you have around the Karper team, there commitment and passion to Bait, ingredients, Quality and team ethic matches that of my own and was delighted to sign up to Karper ltd