Wim Siebens

Age: 34

Region – Antwerp Belgium

Pb common 45lb 1oz

Pb mirror 39lb 7oz

About Wim Siebens

I have been fishing from a very young age, this was more pleasure fishing to begin with as I would target other species of fish, but I did love it when I use to land a Carp.

My passion for Carp Angling grew the more I got into the sport, and for the last 10 years I have just specifically targeted Carp. 

I mainly fish the old fortresses of the war all over the province of Antwerp. I’m very active on the bank and love to walk around looking for the fish, I feel that the more fish I can locate, I increase the chances of catching fish, along with the bigger fish too.

I joined KARPER as a Team Promo Member and quickly established myself within the Belgium team. I carried on working with the team and putting fish on the bank with the products. Towards the end of 2019, I was asked if I would like to become a Consultant in Belgium, I jumped at the chance and have not looked back. 

I now work with Steve over in Belgium running the Belgium Promo team.

I have been with KARPER for 15 months now and I’m really looking forward to the future and also developing the brand in Belgium even further.

Tight Lines Wim!!