Tom Nixon-Taylor

Age: 18

Region – North West

UK mirror 38lb 4oz

UK common 36lb 10oz

Foreign mirror 45lb 5oz

Foreign common 37lb 

About Tom Nixon-Taylor

I started fishing around seven years ago, on the canal and small coarse fisheries, fishing for silver fish.

I caught my first Carp around six years ago and was soon ‘hooked’, pardon the pun. After that I wasn’t interested in fishing for silvers and targeted only Carp from then on.

I caught my first twenty pound fish on a trip to a French holiday venue and after that I’ve  been addicted. I’ve fished many venues up and down the country and caught thirty five pound plus fish from four different countries.

I am currently fishing my syndicate water, keer lake, up at clearwater fisheries, where I’m aiming to catch my target fish the Big Mirror which resides in the lake.

I joined KARPER in late 2017 and became a sponsored angler by them a year later, and have not looked back since. I look forward to what the future holds for my angling in the Uk and Europe.