Paolo Gino

Age: 40

Region – Italy

Pb –  Mirror 62lb 8oz

Pb – Common 49lb 8oz

About Paolo Gino

Hello, I’m Paolo and I’m the lead consultant at KARPER LTD over here in Italy.

My passion for Carp Fishing started in the year 2000, I have fished many waters over here in Italy, the majority been public lakes.

I enter a lot of the Italian Carp Fishing matches, which can be very challenging as we have some very good anglers on our circuit.

When I joined KARPER in June 2019, I had 2 back to back competitions which I was fortunate to use the KARPER products, in both matches I managed podium finishes, enabling me to return home with some silverware!!

This gave me maximum trust in the brand, being immediately impressed by the KARPER RS and KARPER SC Boilies, these are very special baits and no doubt my current favourite!!

Since using these baits I banked in quick succession several carp over the 45lb mark, in tough conditions too!!

These boilies, and KARPER products will go with me everywhere and will not be missing in any of my fishing adventures.