James Willoughby
Caravan Park Manager and Fishery Owner

Age: 41

UK PB Common 24,6lb

UK PB Mirror 28,8lb

Foreign PB Common 33lb

Foreign PB Mirror 29.12

About James Willoughby

I found my passion for angling back when I was a young boy, my Dad used to take me and my younger brother to Bridlington harbour whilst on holiday, to fish for whiting flat fish and the odd codling.

As my passion grew I found myself fishing the becks and streams around where I used to live catching trout, gudgeon, roach etc with bread, sweetcorn and worms.

As I grew up I found myself drifting further down stream finding canals, lakes and rivers to explore, one lake in particular was Sunnyvale in West Yorkshire, just a 10 minute walk through the valley brought me to an overgrown lake with huge rhododendron trees and huge sedge plants growing from the margins.

This magical place was home to some massive tench, roach, perch and carp, this is where I spent most of my summer holidays trying to tempt these majestic creatures to take my bait, then one summer’s morning I finally managed to catch the most magnificent carp I’d ever seen, from there I’d got the bug and soon I was fishing bigger lakes reservoirs, anywhere that I’d heard rumours of big carp. 

Fosters Park, Kirklees Lagoon, Knotford Nook, the motorway pond, Selby Three Lakes, Queen Mary’s pond etc and more recently Lowther Lake, a beautiful nature reserve with a relatively low stock. These are just a sample of where my search took me.

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to develop my own little piece of heaven, digging out a small lake and stocking it with a mixture of Coarse fish including some lovely carp and planting it out with tall rushes, rhododendron, and the odd lilly trying to recreate the magic of some of the beautiful intimate waters I’ve fished.

Back in 2018 I was very humbled to be asked to be a KARPER Consultant, and this has given me the opportunity to travel to France and catch some epic carp. This has opened another chapter to my angling, to travel further afield and explore the world of angling with my friends and family hopefully for the next 40 plus years.